Our Main Customers & Our Products Categories
Paints and Coatings

Various sizes and shapes, suitable for various painting products, plastic, alkyd, putty, emulsion with a highly technique printing with whether plastic or metal hand.


Various packages, for various denisty fertilizers products, with ability to endure cabritic formules

Food Industry

Pure packages, first class raw material, following all healthy standards and environmental friendly. Raw materials are suitable for food industry with a proper way of storage in clean areas.

Medical Industry

Health standards and pure raw material, safe warehouses, with a well sealed cover securing away from any sort of pollution or dust.


Car oils, engine oils, brake oils, raditor water...etc enduring high temprature oil.


Our packages are suitable for various types of chemicals, including the detergents, with full process examinations for leak testing, drop testing...etc

Car Batteries
For more details please visit www.comobattery.com
Electronics Plastic Parts
Manufacturing the plastic parts for various electronic devices such as TVs, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, ...etc